Microecology Close to Home

Aaron Best, Ph.D. | Harrison C. and Mary L. Visscher Professor of Genetics

For more than 15 years, Hope faculty members have worked alongside students to research Lake Macatawa’s watershed. Decades of agricultural run-off polluted it with nutrients that can kill fish, harm plant life, lead to algal blooms, and trigger high levels…

Engineering Informed by Biology

Courtney Peckens, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor of Engineering

Destructive earthquakes in Mexico, Chile and Russia in 2017 underscored the importance — and urgency — of the kind of innovative research Dr. Courtney Peckens is pursuing in VanderWerf Hall’s Haworth Engineering Center. Supported by a three-year grant from the…

At the Galaxy’s Center, a Mystery

Peter Gonthier, Ph.D. | Professor of Physics

At the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, something’s going on that puzzles astrophysicists. Decades of intense research built expectations about the gamma rays that ought to emanate from that zone. Yet NASA’s Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope picks up levels…

Exploring a Link between DNA and Forgiveness

Gerald Griffin, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor of Psychology and Biology
Charlotte vanOyen-Witvliet, Ph.D. | Professor of Psychology
Lindsey Root Luna, Ph.D. | Associate Professor of Psychology
Jill VanderStoep, M.S. | Adjunct Professor of Mathematics

Imagine this: You tell a friend something important in confidence, only to have that friend breach your trust and gossip about you with others. It was wrong, and it hurts. A collaborative research project underway at Hope College suggests that…