Highlighted Books, Honors and Professional Leadership

New in 2020


Professor Emeritus, History

Making Music: Hope College’s Music Department, a History (with Allison Utting ’18)


Dr. Marc Baer and Allison Utting conducted research in the archives of Hope’s A. C. Van Raalte Institute to trace the history of Hope College’s modern academic program in music. It’s a continuum that started with William Gilmore’s debut as a part-time Holland Academy music tutor in 1862 and accelerated through the World War II era to the present day’s nationally-accredited department of 19 full-time faculty and 28 instructors.





How One Educator Preparation Program Reinvented Student Teaching: A Story of Transformation


Changing the organizational culture of an educational program is challenging, but achievable, as Dr. Susan Brondyk and Professor Nancy Cook learned firsthand in recent years as they introduced new elements to Hope’s student teaching program. In their book together, they give fellow educators a front-row seat on their shift to a new model with mentoring at its center.



Flip Requiem


According to Hope graduate and poet Chris Dombrowski, “In this deft and prescient collection, D. R. James has both diagnosed our ‘dizzy symptom’ and scratched out the vital prescription: holistic poems that enact a rigorous mind’s engagement with this tenuous age, or what James calls, with his wink-light touch, ‘the more sober / though no less precarious rest of our lives.’”



Digital Life Together: The Challenge of Technology for Christian Schools (with David I. Smith, Kara Sevensma and Marjorie Terpstra)


Economist Dr. Steve McMullen performed the data analysis for this book he co-authored with three education professors at Calvin University (where McMullen taught when the project began). Through case studies, the book documents the impact of increased technology use in Christian schools, and the authors respond with strategies school leaders might employ to safeguard and nurture important aspects of their school culture.





Intermediate Statistical Investigations (with Nathan Tintle, Beth Chance, Karen McGaughey and Soma Roy)


Employing a simulation-based inference approach, this intermediate college statistics textbook has students focus on multivariable thinking to explain variation seen in data. The book explores data with easy-to-use applets which both run the analysis and help students conceptually understand the statistical techniques used in the analysis. Information from research articles is used extensively so students can work through the entire statistical investigation process throughout the text. Lead author Dr. Nathan Tintle (now a professor of statistics at Dordt College) taught at Hope from 2005 through 2011.



The Courage to Suffer: A New Clinical Framework for Life’s Biggest Crises (with Sara Showalter Van Tongeren)


Weaving together insights from their professional work (his as a social psychologist, hers as a therapist), the Van Tongerens make the case that acknowledging pain and fear can help people to cultivate meaning, develop rich relationships, and find strength and resilience — even as their suffering persists.

Highlighted Honors and Awards

Dr. Kirk Brumels
Dr. Kirk Brumels

In spring 2020, Dr. Kirk Brumels (kinesiology) received the Keystone Meritorious Achievement Award from his alma mater, Western Michigan University College of Education and Human Development, from which he received his master’s degree in athletic training and Ph.D. in educational leadership. He has chaired Hope’s Department of Kinesiology since 2014. His areas of research and professional practice include human anatomy, athletic training, leadership and professional development.

Dr. Angela Carpenter
Dr. Angela Carpenter

The Martin Institute and Dallas Willard Research Center at Westmont College honored Dr. Angela Carpenter (religion) with its 2020 Dallas Willard Book Award for her Responsive Becoming: Moral Formation in Theological, Evolutionary, and Developmental Perspective (T&T Clark, 2019). The institute praised the book’s “distinctive, experientially informed account of the human spiritual and moral formation that Christians call ‘sanctification.’”

Learn more about the book and her current project.

Dr. Leah Chase
Dr. Leah Chase

The Midstates Consortium for Math and Science selected Dr. Leah Chase (biology and chemistry) as one of two recipients of the 2020 Janet Anderson Lecture Awards, which honor engaged, skilled teachers who involve undergraduates in their research. Chase led the development of Hope’s neuroscience program and directed it for 13 years.

Dr. Ernest Cole
Dr. Ernest Cole

In 2020 the African Literature Association honored Dr. Ernest Cole (English) for the best article in African literary studies published in the previous year in a peer-reviewed journal. The essay focuses on how Aminatta Forna’s novel Happiness provides a basis for exploring the theme of interspecies relations, and articulates Forna’s environmental concerns vis-à-vis ecocritical theory and postcolonial studies.

Learn more in a feature published in Spera in 2019.

Professor Heather Cornell
Professor Heather Cornell

The New York Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center added to its collection an interview with Professor Heather Cornell (dance), which is accessible online. In the nine-hour interview for Lincoln Center’s Dance Oral History Project, Cornell speaks of her career as a tap dancer, choreographer, and music and dance company director (Manhattan Tap); about dancers and musicians she has collaborated with, and her mentors in music and dance; and about her roles in bringing tap into concert halls, jazz clubs and festivals in New York City and internationally, and as one of the leaders of the Tap Dance Renaissance in the ’80s and ’90s.

Learn more on her personal website.

Dr. Benjamin Krause
Dr. Benjamin Krause

In Indiana State University’s 2020 Contemporary Music Festival, Dr. Benjamin Krause (music) won awards for two compositions: the chamber orchestra piece Pathways, and Taxonomies of Pulse, for two pianos. Both had already taken top honors in other competitions. For Pathways, Krause won the Houston Symphony’s 2016 Young Composer Competition, and the Music Teachers National Association named Krause Distinguished Composer of the Year for 2018 for Taxonomies of Pulse. (Both can be streamed on his SoundCloud page.) Other compositions by Krause also received honors in 2020 competitions. His Notes from the Inside (for clarinet, violin, viola and cello) was one of five finalists in the 2020 Rapido! National Music Composition Contest, and Night Tides (for flute and piano) received honorable mention in the Flute New Music Consortium’s Composition Competition.

Learn more on his personal website.

Dr. R. Richard Ray
Dr. R. Richard Ray

In recognition of his decades at the forefront of the athletic training profession regionally and nationally, in June 2020 Dr. R. Richard Ray (kinesiology) received the National Academic Trainers’ Association (NATA) Eve Becker-Doyle Leadership Award. Ray joined NATA as a University of Michigan undergraduate in 1975 and has held multiple leadership positions in professional associations. He joined the Hope College faculty in 1982, served for a number of years as the college’s head athletic trainer, and later developed Hope’s academic program in athletic training, which under his leadership grew into a full major within the Department of Kinesiology. Ray is the author or editor of three athletic training textbooks and has served as editor or associate editor of two journals in his field. Over the years he has served Hope as a department chair, dean and provost.

Dr. Daryl Van Tongeren
Dr. Daryl Van Tongeren

Dr. Daryl Van Tongeren (psychology) has been elected as a fellow of the Society of Experimental Social Psychology (SESP), whose roughly 1,000 members are largely scientists who work in academic or other research settings. In recent years, he was honored also by election as a fellow of the International Society for Science of Religion and of the Midwestern Psychological Association, and was named a “Rising Star” by the American Psychological Society. Van Tongeren takes a social cognitive approach to study meaning in life, religion and virtues. Three of the Department of Psychology’s current faculty are now SESP fellows; the others are Dr. Mary Inman and Dr. David Myers.

Highlighted New Leadership Roles

Dr. Stephanie Edwards
Dr. Stephanie Edwards

Dr. Stephanie Edwards (mathematics and statistics) began a three-year term in mid-2020 as national president of Pi Mu Epsilon, the national mathematics honor society. Pi Mu Epsilon is dedicated to the promotion of mathematics and recognition of students who successfully pursue mathematical understanding. To promote mathematics, the National Pi Mu Epsilon Council sponsors an annual conference in conjunction with the Mathematics Association of America’s annual MathFest, publishes a semi-yearly peer reviewed journal for undergraduates, and provides support and community for undergraduate students. Incorporated in 1914, the organization has 403 chapters at institutions in 49 of the U.S. states.

Professor Nicki Flinn
Professor Nicki Flinn

Professor Nicki Flinn (dance) was selected in 2020 to represent Dance for the Child International USA in the international DaCI organization. The organization, which is active in more than 20 nations, was founded in 1978 to promote the growth and development of dance for children and young people. Flinn joined its board of directors in 2017. As the U.S. representative to the international body, she’ll participate in international gatherings and board meetings, organize “twinning projects” between countries, and work to increase membership.

Head Baseball Coach Stu Fritz
Head Baseball Coach Stu Fritz

Hope’s head baseball coach Stu Fritz was president in 2020 of the American Baseball Coaches Association, the primary professional organization for baseball coaches at the amateur level — from youth and high school sports to the NCAA. The 75-year-old group has nearly 13,000 members in all 50 states and 25 countries. Fritz served as its vice president from 2016 through 2019.

Dr. Stephen Smith
Dr. Stephen Smith

Dr. Stephen Smith (economics) stepped into leadership of the Association of Christian Economists at the close of 2020. ACE draws its members from academia, business and government around the world. A specialist in international economics and development, Smith joined the organization as a graduate student and later served for 23 years as editor of ACE’s refereed journal, Faith & Economics.