Grant Programs

Throughout this issue of Spera, you will read about faculty work supported by grants from a wide range of organizations, including the National Science Foundation, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Great Lakes Colleges Association and the Lilly Endowment, Inc.

Also referenced throughout this publication are three programs specific to Hope College.

Jacob E. Nyenhuis Faculty Development Grants

Nyenhuis Grants support faculty members’ development as scholars, with a specific focus on summer research. Recipients may conduct their grant-funded research independently or in collaboration with students. The program is named for Provost Emeritus Jacob E. Nyenhuis, Ph.D., whose promotion of faculty scholarship contributed to an academic climate in which teaching is prioritized as the highest purpose of scholarly excellence.

Towsley Research Scholars

Every year since 1997, Hope College has appointed one faculty member as a Towsley Research Scholar. (Occasionally, two have been appointed in a single year.) This professor serves as a Towsley Scholar for four years, receiving research funding each summer, plus one semester-long sabbatical. The Towsley Research Scholars Program is made possible by a grant from the Towsley Foundation of Midland, Michigan.

The Mellon Grand Challenges Initiative

Funded by a three-year $800,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Hope’s Mellon Grand Challenges Initiative supports faculty members working with one another and with students, across all departments, on large-scale, relevant challenges. With this grant, professors develop collaborative courses that model how to bring together the skills and insights of multiple disciplines to address complex issues. Launched in fall 2017, the Mellon Grand Challenges Initiative aims to support the development of several projects per semester, each involving two or more faculty members, for a potential total of 50 new linked courses by 2020. Dr. William Pannapacker, DuMez Professor of English at Hope, serves as the senior director of the initiative.